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By Hum Capital
December 13, 2022

Hum Client Spotlight: Desert Farms


Our Client Spotlight series features business leaders, entrepreneurs, and company executives from high-growth companies who have successfully fundraised via Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market. Each Q&A will discuss why they started the company, challenges they faced in scaling, and why they chose to partner with Hum. 

Desert Farms CEO & Founder Walid Abdul-Wahab

Walid Abdul-Wahab is the founder of Desert Farms – a D2C brand offering camel milk and other dairy products. In addition to selling camel milk, Desert Farms helps to open new markets and build sustainable sources of income for small family farmers across the U.S.

Walid and team are passionate about the nutritional and health benefits of camel milk and have successfully grown Desert Farms into a respected brand since its founding in 2014.

In this Client Spotlight Q&A, Walid discusses why he founded Desert Farms, what he loves about being an entrepreneur, and future growth plans for the company.

Q: Thanks for taking the time, Walid! First, can you provide a brief overview of Desert Farms, the products, and why you started the company?

A: Desert Farms is an e-commerce company selling Camel milk. We also offer Ghee and hump fat powder dairy products. I started the company because my children did not have access to breast milk and I wanted to give them the next best thing. Camel milk is biologically the closest milk to human breast milk and offers a variety of nutritional benefits.

Q: Since founding Desert Farms in 2014, how has the business scaled and what can you attribute the growth too?

A: Since we started we have scaled up from a few clients to now average daily sales of 200 bottles of milk (this excludes our other products as well). This success is due to customers seeing actual health benefits from our products and sharing it on social media, with friends and family, and even with their friend’s friend and so on. Word of mouth has been crucial to us growing over the last few years. People have been curious and want to feel and experience first hand how Camel milk actually contributes to one’s health.

Q: Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur and start a company? And what is it about the entrepreneurial mindset you enjoy?

A: It has always been my dream to run my own business so Desert Farms is really a dream come true. What I love about entrepreneurship is that you are able to overcome any challenge through persistence, diligence, and determination. It might sound easy but it’s not, and certainly a challenge that I enjoy.

Q: Why did you and the team decide to raise outside capital to help grow the business?

A: We decided to raise outside capital to simply help grow the business even more. Because of the increased interest and demand of our product from current and new customers, we felt it was important to offer them the best product quality and services, and raising growth capital made this possible.

Q: How did you discover Hum and what was the experience like working with Hum’s team and raising capital via the Intelligent Capital Market (ICM)?

A: I had seen Hum’s platform online while looking for ways to raise capital where we didn’t have to spend time searching for investors, which takes so much time and effort. Hum’s team was very accommodating and helpful throughout the process. We chose to utilize Hum and the ICM because we felt they were the best option for achieving our growth goals.

Q: With new capital raised, can you share Desert Farms’ growth plans and how the business plans to continue its disruption of the milk and dairy industry?

A: Our plan is simple. Support the increasing demand for Camel milk in the US and Canada, and help people understand the benefits of camel milk in helping to improve their overall health.

This testimonial may not represent the experience of all clients and is not indicative of future performance or success.

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