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What kind of funding does Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market provide?

Hum deeply understands growing businesses with intangible assets and has built a suite of analytics for just this purpose. With a clear understanding of what drives efficiency in complex businesses, Hum can connect companies with investors and financing options that are appropriate for your situation.

How is Hum different from other financing options?

Hum is a funding platform that helps you understand the value of your business before connecting you with investors that work with companies like yours. We don’t make the investment, but help you understand your options, and then connect you with investors you can choose to work with.

What does Hum do with my data?

We use your data to provide advanced analytics that help you better understand the value of your business — and to match you with the right investors for your situation. Connecting systems to the Intelligent Capital Market replaces emailing sensitive financial information back-and-forth with investors. Instead, you set detailed permissions on who you share data with and can revoke access at any time. Read more about our terms of service and our privacy policy.

Where does the capital come from?

Hum partners with the world’s most prominent institutional pools of evergreen capital to fund companies across a variety of industries and financing needs. There are more than 250 institutional investors on Hum’s platform offering a range of financial vehicles for raising the right capital for fueling your growth.

Can I use Hum’s funding as a replacement to venture capital?

Hum is a platform that helps you understand the value of your business and connects you with investors. In this way, Hum can be valuable in both debt and equity capital raises. Currently, our Intelligent Capital Market is focused on debt financing vehicles which can be a great complement, and in some cases alternative, to venture capital. Venture equity is often imperative for early companies requiring R&D spending. Non-dilutive debt capital can then fuel growth helping create competitive advantages and avoiding dilution for employees and owners. 

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Data privacy & security

We are adamant about data privacy and security. We know that the financial markets cannot be modernized without Capital-as-a-Service becoming the norm.

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Why Hum?

We have reimagined private credit, creating an Intelligent Capital Market built to make funding simple, accessible and transparent.

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Get to know the data behind your portfolio companies. Learn about the benefits of real-time, continuously updated insights on your portfolio companies.

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