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Will there be a market reckoning?

It is to the U.S. government’s credit that stock and bond markets have remained strong despite unprecedented unemployment claims and substantial economic losses caused by COVID-19. But at what point does government support end leading to a market reckoning?

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The earnings mirage: a review by Hum capital’s quant team

The Quant Team at Hum Capital selected “The Earnings Mirage,” by the team at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management (“OSAM”), as its top research article for 2020.

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The new normal

Great businesses grow in times of crisis as economic stress creates opportunity. The New Normal Index tracks falling customer acquisition costs and increasing revenue growth for 13 industries whose secular tailwinds have accelerated since March.

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6 Investor Biases That Could Impact Your Next Fundraise and the Steps to Overcome Them

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to recognize cognitive biases to fully equip yourself for fundraising. In this article, we review 6 of the most common biases.

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Know your Startupʼs value before you communicate it to investors

A few simple metrics can demonstrate to investors the health and viability of your company, and show you which levers to pull to optimize your company for investor interest.

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5 tips to secure a term sheet on your terms

Focus on these five main actions so you can understand what investors are actually evaluating when they look at your business.

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