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By Hum Capital
November 25, 2020

Hum Capital CEO Blair Silverberg featured on B2B lead gen podcast


Listen to Hum Capital CEO Blair Silverberg on the B2B Lead Gen Podcast, hosted by Los Angeles-based digital marketing consultant Eric Schwartzman, who has over 1M podcast downloads.

Blair joins an acclaimed group of past guests including legendary Wall Street Journal consumer technology columnist Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher of Recode Decode, and Leo Laporte.

Blair shares insights on:

  1. Value investing on first principles

  2. Funding startups during the pandemic
  3. How Capital decides which startups to invest in
  4. Companies that benefited the shutdown
  5. Stock market valuations
  6. Factors that could impact market stability
  7. How to hire the right marketing and PR support

Hum Capital’s Intelligent Capital Market (ICM) is a proprietary platform that identifies investment opportunities based on a startup’s financials. Physical restrictions imposed by the pandemic bring the platform’s ability to spot value into stark contrast against more risky, qualitative investment factors.

The algorithm sees right through the charm and charisma exuded by founders in a real world pitch, and helps investors spot quantifiable value. After the pandemic subsides, expect many of the benefits realized to endure.

To hear the full interview with Blair on investing in startups, listen to the episode and subscribe to the B2B Lead Gen Podcast.

Hum Capital is the funding platform private companies trust to raise the capital they need to grow. Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market puts your financial data to work to give you an investor’s view of your business, so you can fundraise with confidence through any stage of financing. With over 250 institutional investors on the platform, Hum also offers an efficient, predictable way to access the right capital on the best terms for your business.

Thinking about fundraising? Sign up for a free account on Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market, and learn what kind of financing your company might be qualified for today. 

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