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How Hum's platform works

Securing funding via Hum's Intelligent Capital Market is straightforward and efficient - here's how it works.


Investment range


Investors on the ICM


Companies on the ICM

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Data & performance driven

Through AI and machine learning, the ICM analyzes and standardizes companies’ performance data, providing you with an investor’s view of your business. 

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Explore your
financing options

Leveraging your financial data, our ICM and expert investment team can help you evaluate different financing/growth capital options and vehicles so you can make an informed decision.

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Access to investors

Match with pre-qualified investors interested in funding your business. Having access to more investors gives you options in possible partners, terms, and financial vehicles to choose from.

Inside Hum’s Intelligent
Capital Market

The ICM was built to make the fundraising process more efficient. Securely onboard your financial data, safely share with investors, and easily view your funding opportunities all on one platform.

Data sharing

Connections to financial systems of record

Companies can directly connect their financial systems such as Quickbooks, NetSuite, and Plaid to the ICM to make it easier to upload, update, and analyze the data investors need.

Secure data room

Share your data and other files with the investors you’re interested in working with. See how they’re interacting with your data, and change access any time you want.

Security and privacy

Hum uses banking-industry standard security policies (SOC2 certified) to keep your data safe and secure.

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Insights & Analytics

AI-powered analytics

Hum uses machine learning to organize, label, and analyze your performance data to give you an investor’s view of your business. These analytics include customer cohort analyses, LTV to CAC, and cumulative revenue and expenses just to name a few.

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What is it?

SmartRaise is an ICM feature that provides companies who connect their data with preliminary funding terms within one business day.

How does it work?

The ICM’s technology takes companies’ financial data and compares it with funding criteria provided by our SmartRaise investors. If there’s a match, companies will receive preliminary funding terms in just one business day and if they would like to move forward, can get funded in as little as a week.

Does a company have to take a SmartRaise offer if they qualify?

No. Companies can decline the indicative terms and proceed to meet with additional investors on the ICM through Hum’s SmartMatch process.

For more information on SmartRaise click here.

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What is SmartMatch?

SmartMatch is Hum’s standard/original approach to helping companies secure capital by introducing them to multiple investors simultaneously.

How many investors will a company match with?

Companies will match with on average 4 investors on the ICM.

Large pool of pre-qualified investors

Hum’s ICM has more than 350 institutional investors representing more than $15B in AUM available to companies looking for debt and equity capital.

For more information on SmartMatch click here.

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"Our team has truly enjoyed working with Hum and their Strategic Capital team. From the robust analytics they offer, to flexible facilities to fit each specific situation, they've been a great partner. We were able to secure a facility to fund growth for one of our portfolio companies and have also begun exploring potential acquisition financing facilities, highlighting their flexibility in offerings and our great experience with their team."

Matthew Rehurek
Matthew Rehurek | CFO, The Hedgehog Company
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