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without Hum

You spend hours sourcing deals — and hours more chasing down data buried in Excel files, emails, and presentations.

Your team has to collect and rationalize mountains of data from a wide range of sources to evaluate each opportunity.

You evaluate each opportunity in the context of your own experience, without the benefit of broader market-wide benchmarks and cohort analysis.

with Hum

You receive personalized introductions to companies that are pre-screened to meet your credit box or investment thesis.

You have instant access to validated company performance data fed directly from companies’ financial systems of record.

You have advanced analytics to quickly screen each opportunity and find the most promising deals for you to diligence.

What are investors saying about Hum?

“helps us reach our ideal targets, so we aren’t wasting time”

“quickly gets my team ground truth data on private transactions”

“a sophisticated platform that blends automation, speed and sorting”

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How does it work?

Hum’s SaaS platform syncs with the financial systems of record for companies looking to raise capital. We use machine learning to label, validate, and benchmark the data to give you a robust picture of their performance in near real time.

Access comprehensive, real time data about a company’s performance

Rather than relying on static snapshots of data that you model in Excel, Hum’s platform seamlessly connects to more than 100 of the world’s most widely-used financial platforms giving you a more comprehensive and current view of a company’s performance. 

More data, deeper insights

Hum onboards and analyzes gigabytes of company performance data in real time to provide you with insights and dashboards that allow you to dig deeper into company performance.

A safer way to share data with lenders

Data security

Hum keeps your data secure. We take data privacy very seriously and companies and investors always have strict control of data visibility by others on our platform.

Fortified, multi-layered encryption

All sensitive information is rigorously protected with the same world-class encryption and security protocols as Google.

Powered by world-class infrastructure

Hum is built on Amazon Web Services, and we follow their published identity and access management practices across our platform. Companies provision data to the investors they want to work with.

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