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Personalize Your Deal Flow

Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market (ICM) uses AI and machine learning to label, validate, and benchmark private company data to give you a robust picture of their performance. Spend less time sourcing deals, and more time evaluating pre-qualified investment opportunities.

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Performance Data

Rather than relying on Excel spreadsheets, the ICM gives you a comprehensive and current view of a company’s performance by connecting to companies’ financial software.

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Receive investment insights from real-time company financial and transactional data, rather than unverified vanity metrics. Accelerate the due diligence process and shorten your time to decision.

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Deal Flow

Increase the relevance and quality of your dealflow, only receiving investment opportunities that meet your exact investment criteria. To date, Hum has facilitated hundreds of successful matches between companies and investors.

Without Hum

  • You spend hours sourcing deals — and hours more chasing down data buried in Excel files, emails, and presentations.
  • Your team has to collect and rationalize mountains of data from a wide range of sources to evaluate each opportunity.
  • You evaluate each opportunity in the context of your own experience, without the benefit of broader market-wide benchmarks and cohort analysis.

Hum Capital

  • You receive personalized introductions to companies that are pre-screened to meet your credit box or investment thesis.
  • You have instant access to validated company performance data fed directly from companies’ financial systems of record.
  • You have advanced analytics to quickly screen each opportunity and find the most promising deals for you to diligence.

What are investors saying about Hum?

These are just a few of the investors and lenders on the ICM.

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