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Strategic Capital

Hum's Strategic Capital team

Hum's Strategic Capital team specializes in crafting bespoke financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of your company. Regardless of geography, sector, or stage of business, Strategic Capital diligently identifies, assesses, and implements financing solutions perfectly suited to the unique requirements of your organization, significantly faster than traditional lenders.


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Working with Strategic Capital

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Tailored Financing Solutions

At Strategic Capital, we specialize in crafting bespoke financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of your company. Our flexibility ensures that we create the best possible deal to support your growth. From Revenue-based financing to Term Loans, Revolvers, and Receivables, we offer a diverse range of funding options to fuel your success.

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A Trusted Long-Term Credit Partner

Beyond providing financing, Strategic Capital serves as a long-term credit partner dedicated to helping your company thrive. Whether you seek a hands-on or hands-off approach, we adapt to your needs, offering partnership that extends beyond financial support. Grow your enterprise value with our unwavering commitment to your success, evolving alongside your company as it expands.

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Simplified Post-Funding Reporting

Enjoy effortless post-funding reporting with Strategic Capital's advanced technology. Say goodbye to onerous reporting requirements as our intuitive tech seamlessly integrates with your data, streamlining the reporting process. Focus on what matters most – your business – while our reporting technology takes care of the rest.

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Tech-Accelerated Fundraising

Speed up the fundraising journey with Strategic Capital's cutting-edge technology. From underwriting to term sheet to close, our data and analytics tech significantly reduces the time it takes to secure funding. Embrace efficiency and propel your business forward with our streamlined fundraising process.

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Experienced Team

Rely on Strategic Capital's seasoned investment team for unparalleled expertise. With a wealth of experience as both business operators and investment professionals, our team is invested in your success. We conduct in-depth research and become experts on the companies we work with, ensuring informed investment decisions that drive growth.

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Comprehensive Capital Solutions

Strategic Capital is a one-stop shop for your capital needs. Our region-agnostic approach ensures accessibility, with 50% of our portfolio outside the US coasts. Whether you operate in various sectors or focus on a specific niche, we prioritize data and the merits of your business, democratizing access to capital for companies worldwide.

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Managed Investment Funds

Strategic Capital also offers managed investment funds tailored to meet the diverse needs of major institutional investors. Our expert team meticulously curates investment opportunities on your behalf, ensuring optimal returns and risk management.

Whether you’re an investor seeking opportunities or a company looking to explore investment options, reach out to us today to discover how our managed investment funds can benefit you.