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Our Story

We believe every qualified company should be able to raise the capital they need to grow without bias or friction.

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Our funding platform pairs growth companies with investors and lenders to make funding equitable, efficient, and accessible.

Hum’s Mission

Hum is on a mission to connect great companies with the right capital. By building the Intelligent Capital Market, Hum offers companies a single destination where they can understand all of their financing options and make the best choice for their business. For an in-depth overview of Hum’s mission, listen to CEO Blair Silverberg on the Wharton Fintech Podcast.

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Democratizing Access to Capital

Access to capital today relies too much on personal connections. On Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market, companies are evaluated on business fundamentals and performance.

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Evolution of Hum Timeline

“eClouds® is a fast growing 4-year old Salesforce implementation firm and although we have been profitable from year one traditional banks would not even consider a credit line without a personal guarantee and/or a 2nd mortgage type. I was recommended to contact Hum Capital and after providing the standard due diligence material they came through with a credit line offer within 2 weeks on reasonable terms and we were funded within 3 business days! They have been very professional and a pleasure to deal with and I can truly recommend them to other businesses!”

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Mikael Petersson | CEO & Co-Founder, eClouds®
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Meet our team of technologists, finance experts, product specialists, and go-to-market leaders focused on reinventing the fundraising process.

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