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See the ways Hum can help you optimize your funding

Hum Capital connects you to an unparalleled range of funding options. Your data helps us tailor to the real world needs of your business.

Mezzanine Debt

Mezzanine Debt

A non-bank loan that often complements bank debt delivering a larger check size and lower cost of capital than debt plus equity.

Revenue-based Financing

Revenue-based Financing

Loan repayments occur taking a percentage of your revenue until fully repaid. The faster you repay, the higher your cost of capital.

Bank Line of Credit

Bank Line of Credit

A lender gives you access to capital you can draw on as needed. You do not pay interest on undrawn capital.

Bank Term Loan

Bank Term Loan

A lender gives you capital up front and you make regular payments to pay off the loan. Loan terms can vary on interest-only payments versus amortized.

Receivables Factoring

Receivables Factoring

You sell the contracts you have with customers to a financier. Pricing varies depending on the creditworthiness of your customers.

Non-Bank Line of Credit

Non-Bank Line of Credit

Similar to a Bank Line of Credit but usually at a larger check size, and higher price point.

Non-Bank Term Loan

Non-Bank Term Loan

Identical to a Bank Term Loan but at a higher price point and larger check size.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital

You sell some of the ownership in your company in exchange for working capital.

The results speak for themselves

$13M raised

Undisclosed amount

$1.5M raised

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Easy setup,
actionable insights

It takes about five minutes to set up an account with Hum Capital. Like Quickbooks, our platform works via a read-only connection to your systems of record to onboard the data investors need in order to invest in your company.

A safer way to share data with investors

Built to keep your data safe and secure

Hum keeps your data secure. We take data privacy very seriously, and companies and investors always have strict control of what data they share with others on our platform.

Fortified, multi-layered encryption

All sensitive information is rigorously protected with the same world-class encryption and security protocols as Google.

Powered by world-class infrastructure

Hum is built on Amazon Web Services, and we follow their published identity and access management practices across our platform.

Learn how to keep your data safe

Trusted by high-growth companies

Fred Lavoie, CFO, Flaviar

“Getting access to the right investor is a difficult and arduous process. Hum Capital gave us the best of both worlds – we quickly found a great investor and we got the right capital to grow and increase our valuation.”

Matt Howard, CEO, EatStreet

“We were happy to raise $13M from Hum Capital and encourage other growing businesses like ours to consider Hum’s financing and benefit from their technology-driven approach.”

Eddie Brucculeri, P97

“Hum Capital made the process of obtaining financing fast, efficient, and easy. They provided us with great service, and worked with us to find the right firm to fit our unique financing needs.”

Connected to top-tier investors


We partner with the world’s most prominent institutional pools of evergreen capital to fund companies across a variety of industries and financing needs. More than 250 investors have access to Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market, including the following:

to help you grow

5 tips to secure a term sheet on your terms

Focus on these five main actions so you can understand what investors are actually evaluating when they look at your business.

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