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By Hum Capital
April 25, 2023

Hum Client Spotlight: Happy Head


Our Client Spotlight series features business leaders, entrepreneurs, and company executives from high-growth companies who have successfully fundraised via Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market. Each Q&A will discuss why they started the company, challenges they faced in scaling, and why they chose to partner with Hum. 

Ben Katz, Happy Head CEO

Happy Head is a telemedicine provider of dermatologist-prescribed, customized hair medicine and treatments for both men and women. The company, which has experienced tremendous traction in the telehealth space, was seeking a capital partner to support its ongoing growth initiatives.

Ben Katz is Happy Head’s CEO. In this Client Spotlight Q&A, Katz discusses scaling Happy Head, advice for budding entrepreneurs, and the process of raising capital with Hum.

Q: Thanks for taking the time, Ben! First, can you provide a brief overview of Happy Head and the company’s mission?

A: At Happy Head, we’re building the leader in dermatologist-prescribed, customized hair medicine and treatments. Hair loss is a huge problem, psychologically damaging, and can cause intense emotional suffering – impacting 85% of men and 50% of women*. Products in the market today are one-size-fits-all, inconvenient to buy, and can come with severe side effects. Our mission is to give those experiencing hair loss trusted and effective hair growth solutions that work. We only have one focus, no distractions: hair. As such, we have purpose-built our dermatologist network and customizable treatments to specialize in hair growth – helping people regain their confidence and sense of self.

*American Hair Loss Association, American Academy of Dermatology

Q: Happy Head was founded in 2021. What can you say were the key ingredients to scaling the company to where it is today, just two years after its founding?

A: The core ingredient to our success is our team’s dedication and passion towards hair. Our co-founders, Dr. Ben Behnam and Dr. Sean Behnam, are twin brothers who have dedicated their lives to dermatology and hair restoration. We constantly strive to find the most innovative and effective methods to treat hair loss. Additionally, our entire medical network consists only of board-certified dermatologists. Those are the doctors who spent an extra 4-6 years specializing in hair and skin, and truly have a deep understanding of the various types of medicine and solutions that work to promote hair growth. This expertise allows us to customize our solutions to find the best formula that works for each individual patient – after all, everyone’s hair is different and deserves a unique approach.

Q: As a founder and entrepreneur yourself, what advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses?

A: Having a customer-centric approach to your business is essential to building successful product/market fit. When you put the customer and their needs first, the success will follow. At Happy Head, we tailor and customize our products uniquely to each patient, thereby ensuring that we find a solution that works best for their hair loss needs.

Q: Why did you and the Happy Head team decide to raise outside capital to help grow the business?

A: Our mission is helping people experiencing hair loss to find solutions that work, and make them available in a way that’s convenient. In order for us to do that, we needed to expand and invest behind our growth initiatives to extend our reach, offering, and bring in qualified experts to support the brand and products. When seeking outside capital sources, it was important to find a partner who was supportive of our mission and vision, and truly believed in our offering.

Q: How did you and Happy Head discover Hum and what was your experience like working with Hum’s team and raising capital via the Intelligent Capital Market (ICM)?

A: We discovered Hum Capital through a personal connection in my network. Working with the Hum Capital team and its ICM platform was seamless. By leveraging Hum’s ICM, their team was able to analyze our business metrics, KPIs, and financials swiftly in order to find the optimal solution. Oftentimes, raising capital for your startup can be time consuming and resource intensive; however, Hum made this process simple and fast.

Q: Would you advise other founders and entrepreneurs to raise capital via a platform like Hum?

A: Absolutely! If you’re a founder or entrepreneur who’s looking for a tailored-to-you experience, with a supportive and like-minded team, Hum Capital is the perfect partner!

This testimonial may not represent the experience of all clients and is not indicative of future performance or success.

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