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By Hum Capital
March 29, 2022

Investor Analytics – Announcing Our Newest ICM Investor Feature


Hum is excited to announce a new investor feature in our Intelligent Capital Market (ICM). This feature is called Investor Analytics and we’re excited about how this will further assist investors in speeding up their due diligence process.

Investment analysis and due diligence require accurate, current financial data. Hum understands the importance to investors of getting this data quickly, easily, and in a format they can readily use. With Investor Analytics, investors are now able to download an Excel file via the ICM containing standardized, current company financial statements and analytics for investment opportunities presented by Hum.

The Excel file data comes directly from the company’s accounting systems and presents monthly, quarterly, and annual Income Statements and Balance Sheets.

Example of an excel file including historical company performance data from the ICM.

Often this data comes directly from the company’s accounting software. When this occurs, the Excel file data will update weekly. This provides regularly refreshed data for investors to see monthly performance updates from a company.

The financial statements are in a standardized Excel format for reviewing or easy incorporation into investors’ screening, analysis, investment monitoring, and internal presentation processes. This is in addition to other documents companies have made available  in their ICM data room, offering investors a single, secure way of viewing a company’s performance.

In addition to these financial data points, another powerful feature of Investor Analytics includes dynamic charts which are auto-created and auto-populated for each company. Investors can use these charts to quickly and visually evaluate companies’ performance, as well as, being used to populate one-pagers, Investment Committee memos, and presentation decks.  

These charts include:

  • Quarterly Revenue
  • Quarterly EBITDA
  • Monthly Revenue with associated margin
  • Working capital
  • Additional charts  generated by data from the Income Statement and Balance Sheet

To see Investor Analytics in action, come watch this demo video. And if you’re an investor interested in receiving personalized  deal flow from Hum, sign-up for the ICM here.

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