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Hum Webinar Recap – Choosing the Right Capital for the Biggest Impact – in Partnership with TIMIA Capital

Written by Hum Capital

revenue based financing

On March 22nd, 2022, Hum Capital joined together with TIMIA Capital and two experienced founders to talk about aligning sources of funds with uses of funds for the right capital combination. The panel featured:

  • Everardo Gomez, Managing Director, Hum Capital (moderator)
  • Mark Bakker, VP of Marketing, TIMIA Capital
  • Rick Brooks-Hill, Co-Founder, Goldpan
  • Mike Togyi, Former CEO / President, Clariti Software

The webinar shed a lot of light on tactics and rules of thumbs that founders should use when deciding how to finance their business. Here were some of the highlights:

  • Non-dilutive financing is good to consider when you really want to bet on yourself.
  • There are many use cases for debt and non-dilutive financing, including cleaning up your cap table as well as refinancing.
  • Before you go out into the capital markets, it’s crucial to have an explicit plan for how you will use the money, and that investment’s potential return.
  • Perform diligence on your capital provider! You want to be sure they can and will be with you during the tough times.
  • The private capital markets are rapidly expanding. Hum Capital is a marketplace to help you find the right partners. And TIMIA is a great partner 🙂

A huge thanks to Mark, Mike, and Rick for sharing their wisdom! Stay tuned for our next digital event!

As always, if you are interested in exploring your financing options or raising capital, we’re here to help! Please fill out this form to speak with someone on our Investment Team.