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Hum Webinar Recap – Financing PLG Companies with OpenView Partners and Mammoth Growth

Written by Hum Capital

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On June 16, 2022, Hum Capital joined together with OpenView Partners and Mammoth Growth to discuss financing for Product-led Growth (PLG) companies.

The panel was moderated by James Ledbetter, Executive Editor at the Observer, and featured:

You can view the full webinar recording below:

PLG companies are hard to build but wildly scalable when successful. This makes them difficult to underwrite, as the return on investment of feature sprints is more unpredictable than sales and marketing campaigns. During this webinar, we dove into PLG companies and how to harness the data from PLG efforts to understand financeability:

  • Why LTV is not a useful metric for PLG companies and why net dollar retention is
  • How to use R&D spend as a heuristic for the efficiency of a company’s PLG efficiency
  • How PLG companies have unique leading indicators that can help predict the company’s growth trajectory
  • The trickiness of getting data measurement set up correctly for PLG companies (and any company really)
  • How non-dilutive financing can be a great option for PLG companies in the current macroeconomic environment

We are thrilled that Ryan, Kyle, and James could join us. Find all of our past and future digital events here!

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