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Hum Webinar Recap – Looking Under the Hood of Non-Dilutive Finance with Novel Capital

Written by Hum Capital

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On April 26nd, 2022, Hum Capital joined together with Novel Capital to get into the nitty gritty of non-dilutive financing and revenue-based financing (RBF). The panel featured:

  • Keith Harrington, COO and Co-Founder, Novel Capital
  • Tim Makhauri, Head of Investor Platform, Hum Capital
  • Michael Slawson, Head of Growth, Hum Capital

We invited Novel Capital to join us in this conversation because they are deeply knowledgeable when it comes to revenue-based financing and all of its nuances. Some of our favorite topics included:

  • What revenue-based financing means and when it is (and is not) useful
  • Mechanics of non-dilutive financing, including early payback, calculating principal and interest, and what counts as “revenue”
  • The sweet spot of revenue-based financing and when companies are ready to graduate into different types of financing (like bank financing or VC financing)
  • What makes Novel Capital’s financing structure novel (pun intended)
  • Stories about companies who successfully raised non-dilutive financing from Novel Capital, and how slightly different scenarios might have changed the implications for the company

We are thrilled that Keith and Novel could join us. Find all of our past and future digital events here!

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