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Hum Webinar Recap: Ready to Raise? Time Your Fundraise Like a Pro

Written by Hum Capital

On November 18th, 2021, the Hum Capital team convened a panel of experts to discuss fundraising readiness, how to tell your company’s story, and when to pursue different types of financing when raising capital. Basile Senesi, Hum’s Chief Revenue Officer, moderated the panel, which included the following rockstar lineup:

  • Mikal Khoso, Investor at Wavemaker Partners
  • Emilie Poteat, Venture Partner at Gaingels
  • Melanie Fellay, Spekit CEO
  • Vijay Tella, Workato CEO

This webinar builds on an article we recently wrote about the rise of “flexstrapping” companies who mix and match debt, equity, and bootstrapping depending on their growth strategy. In the webinar, we dove deeper into the following topics:

  • What fundraising readiness means in the context of a frothy equity market.
  • How seasoned fundraisers Melanie and Vijay worked through who to work with for their capital raise and how to structure it.
  • How to time and sequence debt and equity, if you’re interested in both financing options.
  • How to think about the opportunity cost of your time when you decide to fundraise.
  • The importance of being able to tell a great story when fundraising. Suspension of disbelief is the moment the investment happens, even before money hits the bank account.
  • Fundraising is about clearly demarcating which questions you are trying to answer with each round / injection of capital.

Stay tuned for more content as we help founders and entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of raising capital. We look forward to seeing you at our next digital event!

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