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Flexible Acquisition Financing Facilities for eCommerce Holding Company


Capital raised



Who is The Hedgehog Company?

Hedgehog is a DTC eCom holding company that acquires $5M-$30M revenue brands. They are backed by the CEOs of ThredUp, Lands End, Kayak, Italic, Drizly, and others.


Hedgehog was initially looking for a financing partner to support a potential acquisition. Post successful financing of the original acquisition (and subsequent newfound partnership with Hum Capital), Hedgehog has come back to the team in a regular cadence in order to explore further financing opportunities. To date, Hum has worked with Hedgehog to finance three separate ecommerce acquisitions.

Funding Solution

Hum Strategic Capital has worked with Hedgehog on multiple acquisitions. In each scenario the team was able to help diligence and structure financing solutions that allowed Hedgehog the ability to effectively continue to build their eCommerce portfolio, and enable further growth of their portfolio companies.

Our team has truly enjoyed working with Hum and their Strategic Capital team. From the robust analytics they offer, to flexible facilities to fit each specific situation, they’ve been a great partner. We were able to secure a facility to fund growth for one of our portfolio companies and have also begun exploring potential acquisition financing facilities, highlighting their flexibility in offerings and our great experience with their team.

Matthew Rehurek
Matthew Rehurek | CFO, The Hedgehog Company
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