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Funding Solution for a Complex Financing Ask

Dark Horse CPAs case study
Who is Dark Horse CPAs?

The CPA firm for CPAs. Dark Horse is a platform accounting firm that provides CPAs with best-in-class technology, staffing, marketing, coaching, and collaboration to enable them to start a practice from scratch or scale an existing practice.


Dark Horse approached Hum with a complex financing ask that many other lenders would have quickly dismissed and been unable to provide a funding solution.

Funding Solution

Hum’s Strategic Capital team acted as a key advisor to Dark Horse, working closely together to structure financing that solved for their immediate and future needs. After 100+ emails and 10+ calls, Hum provided Dark Horse with a scalable financing facility allowing for future growth as well as a way to successfully offer a “buy-in” program to Dark Horse’ accelerators.

“Getting to a term sheet, executing the contracts, and receipt of funds happened quickly and with minimal friction. Every business owner who has a need for capital should start with Hum as far as I’m concerned.”

dark horse ceo headshot
Chase Birky | Co-founder & CEO
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