Why Hum

We’ve turned the tables on traditional fundraising. It takes too long. It costs too much.

Traditional funding

You don’t know what value investors will put on your company, or how much you can raise.

You spend too much time raising capital, trying to identify investors and options.

You rely too heavily on transactional deals.


Hum turns your data into a robust picture of your business, so you can focus on growth.

Hum quickly identifies multiple financing options for the best way to fund your growth.

Hum creates connections with investors that fuel growth and long-term partnership.

We have reimagined private capital

Friction-free. Accessible. Efficient. Built to make business work better.
Hum is the intelligent capital market.

Hum is a funding platform with a marketplace of more than 250 leading investors

Hum Capital connects great companies to their ideal funding partner.

  • Secure and compliant, you are in complete control of your data.
  • Hum uncovers hidden value in your business using machine learning across gigabytes of data.
  • We match you to investors looking to deploy capital in companies like yours.

Hum is built for companies seeking $1-50MM in debt or equity funding

The traditional options companies have for fundraising at this scale are limited and expensive.

  • Investment advisors tend to focus on deals greater than $100 million, which means companies may not know all of their options.
  • Investors tend to offer a single financial vehicle, limiting companies’ options.
  • For investors, sourcing deals can be too labor intensive to pursue at scale.

Hum powers entrepreneurship

Traditional financing was not designed to understand the intangible assets that are moving our economy forward today.

  • Hum directly connects to over 100 SaaS data sources to build a robust picture of a company’s value.
  • Hum uses AI and machine learning to identify pockets of profitability in your business.
  • Hum creates a blueprint for smart asset allocation to help companies maintain control and equity as they grow.

Built to make funding simple, accessible, and transparent


We believe the current fundraising process is unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming. Hum frees you up to focus on what matters: running your business.


You don’t need to give away equity in order to obtain financing. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to move the economy forward.


In our world, companies and capital providers are long-term partners engaged in mutually beneficial relationships that drive businesses and make them better.

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