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Why Hum?

Hum offers the most efficient way for private companies to access growth capital by helping them understand the power of their data in the fundraising process.

The capital raising process with Hum was quite easy and their team allowed us to maintain a good level of control. We didn't waste any time with investment offers that weren't aligned with our growth needs. Hum made sure the process was efficient, productive, and ultimately effective.

Cleve Tzung
Passport Technology CEO
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Cleve Tsung CEO

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We’ve turned the tables on
traditional fundraising.

Our funding platform pairs growth companies with investors and lenders to make funding equitable, efficient, and accessible.

Greater Choice

The ICM operates like for fundraising, offering a single destination where companies can understand all of their financing options. Rather than pushing companies to a single investor or financing vehicle, Hum’s ICM helps companies evaluate all their options and the potential impact on their business like cash flow, total cost of capital, and ownership stake.

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Efficient Fundraising

Whether it’s the SmartRaise or SmartMatch funding process, companies will spend less time finding, courting, and pitching investors than the traditional fundraising process. Even if they don’t qualify immediately for SmartRaise terms, companies are matched with their first investor on average within 2 weeks of connecting their financial data to the ICM.

Efficient Fundraising


  • You don’t know how investors will value your company or how much capital you can raise.
  • You spend too much time courting investors and identifying financing options.
  • You rely too heavily on manual processes and transactional interactions with investors.


  • Hum turns your performance data into an investor ready view of your business.
  • Hum quickly identifies multiple financing options to fund your business.
  • Hum creates connections with investors that fuel growth and long-term partnership.
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