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By Hum Capital
May 4, 2022

Fundraising 101: Hum Capital’s Guide to Raising Capital


Put simply, fundraising is hard. It’s time-consuming and can distract the CEO and leadership team from focusing on running their business. Before one can even “get started,” they must answer the question “why should my company fundraise?” – and this pre-work is just the beginning. Next comes deciding which financing option to select (debt or equity), followed by a myriad list of other questions, document and data collection, finding potential investors, and much more. Fundraising is a tall task for any entrepreneur. 

Fundraising 101: Hum Capital's Guide to Raising Capital

As a funding platform connecting great companies with the right capital, we see hundreds of private-market transactions each year. We’ve translated this experience and expertise into our guide to raising capital that will help any founder or CEO seeking to fundraise better understand the capital raising process, learn how to get started, and ask the right questions to investors interested in funding their business. Our goal is to help you navigate the often stressful, and confusing, fundraising process.

As the founder or CEO of a private company, you may have considered raising debt or equity capital and abandoned the idea because of not knowing where to begin or prioritizing the day-to-day needs of running your business. In this eBook we cover debt and equity financing, how to use data to tell your company’s story, how to know when your company is ready to fundraise, and what an efficient fundraising process looks like. Be sure to check out our “Fundraising Checklist” at the end of the guide to utilize as you kick-off your fundraise.

Download our guide to raising capital via the form below and explore why fundraising can be beneficial for your business! 

And if you are ready to start exploring your financing options to fund your company’s growth, we’re here to help! Please fill out this form to speak with someone on our Investment team. 

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