Our Story

Hum is the world’s only
intelligent capital market.

Our funding platform pairs growth companies with investors and lenders to make funding equitable, efficient and accessible.

We are building a better economy

Every qualified company should be able to raise the capital they need to flourish without bias or friction. On Hum’s Intelligent Capital Market, companies are evaluated on fundamentals and performance, not on who they know.

We empower growth companies to illustrate their true value

We’re creating a new economy where companies and investors have transparent discussions about what drives a business, and how they can work together to make it better.

The results speak for themselves

$13M raised


$1.5M raised

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Connected to top-tier institutional investors.

We partner with the world’s most prominent institutional pools of evergreen capital to fund companies across a variety of industries and financing needs.

We’re hiring

If you’re a problem solver who likes to think outside of the box and wants to make a difference by rewiring the fundraising landscape, we’d like to hear from you.