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Flexstrapping: The Flexible Financing Model

At the heart of building a company is funding ongoing operations. Typically, the founder has an idea, maybe even an operating company, but needs more capital to grow. To bring that idea to fruition, the founder can sell equity to venture capitalists; self-fund through reinvesting revenues (also known as bootstrapping); or borrow money from banks…

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Hum-an Stories: Q&A with Chief Revenue Officer Basile Senesi

This interview is part of Hum-an Stories, a Q&A series with Hum Capital Leadership, companies, and investors providing a look under the hood at what drives Hum and its Intelligent Capital Market. Basile Senesi, Hum Capital’s Chief Revenue Officer, is no overnight success — even if he helped grow a fintech unicorn from the ground…

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5 Best Practices for an Efficient Fundraising Process

As a marketplace for raising capital, we see hundreds of private-market transactions every year and recently raised our own Series A. Suhail Hafiz, VP of Finance & Strategy, was deeply involved in that process. In this primer, he shares fundraising best practices for running an efficient process. What metrics matter? How well do you tell…

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Expectations Versus Realities of Non-Dilutive Financing

Non-dilutive financing (also known as debt) has lots of benefits when it comes to funding a growing company. But it also has drawbacks. In this article, Hum Capital’s Ryan Ridgway explains what it’s like for growth-stage companies to raise debt and to live with it, now and in the future. In our earlier post, we…

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Reinventing the Financial Exchange for the Private Markets

When you think of a financial exchange, you probably think of NASDAQ or ICE Group. I bet you don’t, however, think about Goldman Sachs or alternative asset managers like Blackstone. But the way I see it, investment banks and asset managers are the exchanges of the private markets. Investors give them capital and they turn…

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5 Fundraising Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

What you don’t know—especially about fundraising—can hurt your company. In our earlier post, we discussed alternate options to equity funding, so we’ll assume that you’ve avoided the mistake of overlooking debt as an option for your business. Equity can be a great way to raise money, but non-dilutive financing, or different types of debt, also…

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