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Hum raises $9m Series A

Hum Capital Raises Series A to Become the Go-To Fundraising Destination for Private Companies

At Hum Capital, we are on a mission to connect great companies with the right capital by putting data at the core of how fundraising decisions are made. Just months after the public launch of our cloud-based funding platform, the Intelligent Capital Market, we are excited to announce Hum’s Series A fundraise. With this new…

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Earth from space

Every fintech founder should know these two rules (and a law)

Why does one lender borrow at 3% and lend at 15% while another borrows at 10% and lends at 8%? Moreover, why can some originators who sell off their loans command meaningful origination and servicing fees while others earn slivers?  These questions were top of mind when I saw Frank Rotman take to Twitter to…

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How to Choose Between Venture Debt, Equity for Growing your Business

Choosing between venture debt and equity capital for a growing company can be a difficult balancing act. Both options have tradeoffs that make choosing the “right” option a very personal choice for your business. To explore these tradeoffs,  let’s look at the example of Grab, a transportation and finance business based in Singapore, that focused…

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Introducing Hum Capital: connecting great companies with the right capital

Today, I am excited to introduce you to our new name, Hum Capital, and to our new cloud-based funding platform, the Intelligent Capital Market, that brings a Kayak-like experience to institutional fundraising, eliminating the friction experienced by both companies and investors in the process.  In my previous life as an investor at Draper Fisher Jurvetson,…

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3 truths and 1 lie about SPACs

As companies seek alternatives to the often lengthy IPO process, SPACs have skyrocketed in popularity.

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Fundraising in a frothy market: why now is the time to raise

No one can forecast the next six months. But one thing is certain: Today’s market is frothy, and entrepreneurs should take advantage of it.

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