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Illustration of a Financial Exchange

Reinventing the Financial Exchange for the Private Markets

When you think of a financial exchange, you probably think of NASDAQ or ICE Group. I bet you don’t, however, think about Goldman Sachs or alternative asset managers like Blackstone. But the way I see it, investment banks and asset managers are the exchanges of the private markets. Investors give them capital and they turn…

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5 Fundraising Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

What you don’t know—especially about fundraising—can hurt your company. In our earlier post, we discussed alternate options to equity funding, so we’ll assume that you’ve avoided the mistake of overlooking debt as an option for your business. Equity can be a great way to raise money, but non-dilutive financing, or different types of debt, also…

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Devil in the Details: Negotiating Your Debt Term Sheet

The classic startup is funded by selling founder equity, often to venture capitalists. But there’s an alternative, one that almost 50% of entrepreneurs wish they’d known about—debt or non-dilutive financing.1 With debt, founders get the upfront cash they need without giving away their equity. In 2020, lenders issued $27.5 billion in venture debt, let alone…

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Webinar Recap on debt and non-dilutive financing

Hum Webinar Recap: Growing Your Subscription Business With Less Dilution

On September 14th, 2021, the Hum Capital team convened a panel of experts to learn about the ins and outs of non-dilutive and debt financing for recurring revenue businesses. Michael Slawson, Head of Growth, moderated the panel, which included the following panelists: Nikunj Mehta, Founder and CEO of Falkonry Ed Wu, Managing Director at Bastion…

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Bridge to illustrate SaaS non-dilutive financing as a bridge to avoid dilution

Bridging to Growth: 6 Non-Dilutive Financing Models for SaaS Companies

You likely already know that the traditional VC route isn’t the only way to fund your SaaS business’ growth. In fact, only about 1% of U.S. startups ever get venture funding. But how can you bridge the gaps in SaaS financing when your business needs help to grow? Venture debt can provide needed financing to…

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Hum raises $9m Series A

Hum Capital Raises Series A to Become the Go-To Fundraising Destination for Private Companies

At Hum Capital, we are on a mission to connect great companies with the right capital by putting data at the core of how fundraising decisions are made. Just months after the public launch of our cloud-based funding platform, the Intelligent Capital Market, we are excited to announce Hum’s Series A fundraise. With this new…

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